Her Story: Honoring Women, Empowering Girls

Her Story: Honoring Women, Empowering Girls

We started this project because we needed something positive to settle our minds and hearts on these days. It started with a question from our 7 year old, Georgia, “Who was the first girl chemist?”.  We dove into researching and quickly decided to look deeper to find the first black woman chemist. Georgia was so excited about our discovery, she immediately put on her sisters white shirt as a lab coat and started pretending to be Dr. Daly. She ‘played’ chemistry all day with her test tubes and beakers, taking our simple experiment and research well beyond the curriculum.

It was clear that she had made a personal connection with Dr. Daly’s accomplishments and life story. It was such a great opportunity to bring history to life and empower her as a young black girl. I took a few pictures, printed them with a little summery for her to keep. And just like that, we have the beginning of a personal homeschool curriculum for our daughter. Focusing on black women that have made history gives us an exciting direction. Our goal isn’t to make photographs that are exact copies of the women we find, our goal is discover and connect with their lives. Our goal is to highlight their contributions to this world, to make their stories accessible to all women and girls that are in the process of creating their own history.

The most challenging piece of this learning adventure has been deciding who to feature. There are so many amazing African-American women, both past and present, that hold important stories. These strong, intelligent, brave, resourceful, talented women that have gone before us. These barrier breakers, these trail blazers, these history makers. They fought sexism, injustice and racism. They stood up and defied norms. They persisted, against all odds, to drive change.

Imagine if every little girl grew up learning about these extraordinary women, they would never doubt their place in the world or their own limitless possibilities. This is for her, this is Her Story.



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